What is ethnology?

What is ethnology ?

Ethnology is the social science that analyses and compares  different peoples around the world and their cultures. Culture is the language we speak; the objects we use; the way we organise family relationships; the clothes that cover us; and the way we behave. Culture is the set of practices that orders society and its relationship with nature. A set of practices human beings have acquired as social beings.


Ethnology at the Museum

L'ETNO (Museu Valencià d'Etnologia) applies the method and postulates of ethnology in the study of the traditional popular Valencian society.

What does this mean?

L'ETNO team does fieldwork: recording interviews in audio-visual format, searching for documentation and photographs, and collecting and documenting objects likely to form part of its collections. Following this, the phase of study, cataloguing and restoration of objects takes place at the museum itself, as well as the transcription and analysis of interviews, films and/or notes, and the study of the bibliography and scientific papers on the subject.

Later on, there will be publications, exhibitions and scientific and educational activities.