Valencia en blanco y negro II [Valencia in Black and White] 19th and 20th century photographs

Alameda de Valencia a principios del siglo XX


Del 18 de juny al 27 de setembre de 2015. Mercat del Cabanyal en València 

Audiovisual "València en blanc i negre II"
Touring exhibit

As a continuation of the exhibition held in 2008, this public display allows us to contemplate a series of photographs from Javier Aura and José Huguet’s collections that reveal the city of Valencia, its cityscapes and its people, from the late nineteenth century to the 1960s.

The photographs, which belong to the Tívoli Collection and the Huguet Archive, show a sample of the city experienced, with its urban settings and the people who passed through them, different economic activities conducted, the various ways in which festive events (such as Fallas or St. Vicente Ferrer) celebrated and honoured their patron saints, the Holy Week or Corpus Christi, or shows organised as part of the Feria de Julio [July Fair], sporting events which began to have a massive following, or commemorative acts for Jaime I or Vicente Blasco Ibáñez.