Rituales de fiesta y fuego [Feast and Fire Rituals] Photographies: D. Cantillo

Fotografía de David Cantillo
Touring exhibit

An exhibition of photographs by David Cantillo dedicated to fire and feast rituals which was held in 2015 at the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia and is now on display in different municipalities of the Valencian Community.

Fire is part of the very sensation that it seems to consume. Who has not on occasion been completely absorbed while stoking the red-hot crackling fire?

Fire is a recurrent actor, not to mention a powerful historian of our world. Our festivities are a sort of living bonfire that keeps the fire alive just like the Vestal Virgins used to. Our festive preparations are on a slow burner until the climax of the festival is embellished in flames. Ostentatiously, we dress up as demons playing with fire.

Despite its modest origins, the fire has now spread its flames as if they were arms, until culminating the Valencian festivities as we understand them today. It only took one little spark to start this fire.

But beyond the metaphor, an ardent relationship doubtlessly unites Fire and Feast. The exhibition Rituales de fiesta y fuego by the photographer David Cantillo Orozco, produced by the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia, addresses this fiery relationship.