Museu del Palmito. Aldaia L'Horta Region

The Museu del Palmito of Aldaia (MUPA) is the centre of dissemination of craftsmanship and the art of fan making of Aldaia and the Valencian Community. It is located in the Casa de la Llotgeta, a Renaissance-style mansion from the late 16th and early 17th centuries. In its interior, we find an extensive collection of fans, both past and present, dating from the eighteenth century up to our times, and also a wide range of traditional machinery, with typical pieces and tools for the production of fans. An extraordinary collection in which you can appreciate the different styles, fashions and materials used throughout its history.

Museu del Palmito de Aldaia

C/ Iglesia, 2

46960 Aldaia (Valencia)

Telephone numbers: 96 111 69 48 / 96 198 88 11