Museo Etnológico Comarcal. Benissoda

Panel Museu Etnològic Comarcal de Benissoda

Within its programme of support for local ethnological collections and museums, the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia has coordinated the remodelling of the Ethnology Museum of La Vall d'Albaida in Benissoda at the request of La Vall d'Albaida Association of Municipalities. This space, which was inaugurated years ago, needed to be remodelled since it had undergone the wear and tear of time. The remodelling has the following objectives: expanding the thematic areas, by avoiding technological discourse and opting for a more social vision; showing the rich thematic variety of the museum’s collection; establishing links between past and present, without any nostalgia; and encouraging visits to other museums and interesting places in the region.


The museum is organised in 6 areas: 

El territorio vivido [The Territory Experienced]. Around a marketplace, symbol of social and economic relations, the most characteristic activities are displayed: livestock, transport, communications and snow trade. 

Tiempo de fiesta. Tiempo de trabajo [Time to Celebrate. Time to Work].  A large picture of a street allows us to display much of the festive universe of La Vall d'Albaida. It deals with the different concepts of time between agricultural-based societies, linked to natural cycles, and industrial society, ordered by a mechanical and rationalised time.

Manos y máquinas [Hands and Machines]. This area shows the activities related to the transformation of raw materials to produce objects used in everyday life. 

Comer y beber [Eating and Drinking]. Selection of the artisanal activities related to the transformation of agricultural products. 

El agua: el líquido vital [Water: the Liquid of Life]. The presence of two fixed elements ‒ the well and the bench ‒ allows us to address the subject of water in the household, by exhibiting a rich set of ceramic containers from the museum's collection.

El pasado del museo [The Past of the Museum]. The exhibition is also intended to be a tribute to the previous work done by people who collected objects and set up the first exhibitions. Years later, a team of professionals designed an exhibition based on more innovative and radical criteria.


Museu Etnològic Comarcal de la Vall d'Albaida. Benissoda

Parc Francisco Ferri, 1

46860 ‒ Benissoda

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