Marruecos en el recuerdo [Morocco in the Memory]

Touring exhibit

The exhibition is made up of 30 photographs from 1940 to 1960 by Francisco García Cortés, which include urban scenes, both of medinas and suburbs, from various towns in northern Morocco, and also familiar scenes and local customs.

The memory of these people enables us to reconstruct part of the daily history of these years and to appreciate that, beyond political and cultural frontiers, there are still elements which are very much alive today and help to build bridges promoting relations and coexistence.

La Medina Association has collaborated in the production of the exhibition on tour, through a group of more than three thousand former residents of various towns in Morocco.

La Medina hopes that this photographic exhibition will serve to have a deeper understanding of the essence of the mixed Spanish and Moroccan nationality, a quality that makes them feel different from those Spaniards who have not lived in Morocco while highlighting the mutual enrichment that peaceful and harmonious coexistence has meant for both Moroccans and Spaniards.