La València olvidada [The Forgotten Valencia]. Photographs by Joaquín Collado

La València oblidada
Itinerant: La València oblidada. Joaquin Collado.
Touring exhibit

The exhibition consists of a total of 89 works produced between the 1970s and 80s. The material has been organised into five sections: Chinatown, Gypsies, the Flea-Market, San Esteban, and Miscellaneous. 

In the section dedicated to Chinatown, there are perfectly composed images showing the everyday life of this unique atmosphere of the 70s, where the photographer secretly photographed different scenes. On the other hand, the snapshots of the gipsy ethnic group are portraits in which the artist, having gained their trust, could capture the gaze of a people who wanted to remember their roots. The flea-market, photographed while it was located in the Nápoles y Sicilia Square, shows people photographed directly, once again, with this bond of trust that the photographer had established with the person portrayed. The section dedicated to San Esteban Square mixes children's games, poverty and the activity of young people pretending to be adults. The exhibition finalises with a general section on Valencia, which captures fleeting moments framed in an impeccable composition.     

Joaquín Collado was born in Valencia in 1930 and started to work in photography as a self-taught photographer in 1965. He was a former bank clerk who, during his free time, cultivated his love of photographing people, characters and city locations. His look at urban life is a mixture of immediacy, fugacity, the search for the optimum moment and the perfect setting. The exhibition, curated by Luis Carrasco Llopis, is supported by AGFOVAL (Valencian Photography Association) and the Círculo Collado, and will be touring until 2021.