Fiestas valencianes [Valencian Festivals]

Touring exhibit

Fiestas valencianas exhibits 51 photographs dating between the beginning and the middle of the 20th century depicting 10 festivals of the Valencian Community: San Antonio Abad, Fallas, Semana Santa Marinera, Corpus Christi, Moros y Cristianos, Romerías, Bous al carrer, Misteri d'Elx, Mare de Déu de la Salut, and the Enfarinats.

The exhibition displays a wide range of events from multitudinous urban festivities to ancestral celebrations of inland towns and also deals with festivities that owe their existence to an intense religious fervour or those that have a clearly pagan origin.

The exhibition is complemented with present-day pictures of each of the festivals so as to explain their evolution over time.