Faja roja, faja azul. La pelota valenciana [Red Belt, Blue Belt. Valencian Pilota]

Faixa roja, Faixa Blava. La pilota valenciana


FaixaRoja FaixaBlava
Touring exhibit

This exhibition, co-produced with the Museu de la Pilota and the Genovés town hall and dedicated to this Valencian sport, is on tour outside the museum after being exhibited successfully on a temporary basis in 2013 and 2014.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see how the basic elements of the game are manufactured (“vaqueta” balls [special ball for the Pilota Valenciana made of bull’s skin], thimbles, gloves, etc.), tickets to historic games, posters, panels, street dioramas, and diagrams explaining the game. A great number of resources that will bring the visitor closer to this Valencian sport.

This exhibition contains some photographs from Ismael Latorre Mendoza's archive.