El Joc de l'Horta

Information of Interest - COVID19 measures
Recipients and number of participants:
Students from Infantile to 3rd of Primary. A minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15.
90 minutes.
Hours (guidance):
  • Mornings: tuesday to friday from 10:00h to 14:00h.
  • Afternoons: tuesday to thursday from 16:00h a 18:00h.
Derivative measures of it COVID - 19
Is obligatory the use of it mask.
The museum will have of gel hydroalcoholic for the room of workshops.
The museum will increase, besides, the cleanup for the daily disinfection of the rooms.
It is necessary to maintain the distance of interpersonal security (1,5 metres).
It is necessary to maintain the distance with regard to the exposed objects (1,5 metres).
Phone: 963 883 578 - Fax: 963 883 632
Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 14.30pm 
This is an educational game that tries to explain some aspects of the permanent exhibition Horta & Marsh, the Valencian Museum of Ethnology. 
Designed as a board game, is inspired by the well known game of La Oca. The objective is that the students learn the way of life in the garden areas of Valencia and become aware of the importance and dependence of farmers on such a limited and scarce resource such as water. 
Development of Activity 
When students arrive at the museum made ​​a tour of the Marsh & Horta room visit. This tour lasts half an hour. Then, in the space of the room itself, may play Joc de l'Horta, which will mean another half hour of time. Finally, they can have free time for lunch in the yards. Participating colleges with a copy of the game was giving away.