Discover L'ETNO. Guided tours by the curators September - December 2020

Interes data - COVID19 measures
Is obligatory the use of it mask.
The museum will have of gel hydroalcoholic for the room of workshops.
The museum will increase, besides, the cleanup for the daily disinfection of the rooms.
It is necessary to maintain the distance of interpersonal security (1,5 metres).
It is necessary to maintain the distance with regard to the exposed objects (1,5 metres)
It recommends the previous discharge of materials and informative sheets (Link GUIDE).
Free guided tours by the curators of the Museum
Free activity. 11:30 and 12:45 h.
Visits realised by the team of curators of L'ETNO. The tour includes a free guided visit by a museum curator to either, a section of the new permanent rooms or the current temporary exhibibtion programmed in the museum.
Tickets to the visits will be distributed at the info point (Must Hall) starting at 10:30 a.m.
Days: Sundays. From  September 13, to December 2, 2020.
-Permanent Rooms at 11:30 am and 12:45 pm.
-Temporal Exhibitions at 12:45 pm.
Special visits:
-25 of October and 29 of November: Visit the 3 sections of the new permanent rooms of the museum (the City, the irrigated Farmland & the Marshland and Dryland-Mountain).
-22 of November: See how restoration is performed in some of the objects of the permanent exhitibion.
Length of the visit: 45' to 60'.
Capacity limited by rooms
Permanent Room: 10 persons and the guide.
Temporal room Exposure "Faltar o morir" (Be missing or Die): 8 persons and the guide.
(Please keep always the distance of interpersonal security, 1,5 metres).
Profile of recommended public: All publics. Children under 11 must be with an adult.
Language: Castillian or Valencian/Catalan.