Casa Alamanzón. Museo Municipal. Utiel

Casa Alamanzón.Museu Municipal d'Utiel

The Municipal Museum, located in the nineteenth-century Casa Alamanzón, is now an ethnological and archaeological space that gathers the history and tradition of the municipality and the region. It exhibits an important archaeological collection of the prehistoric, Roman, medieval and Iberian periods, which has been donated by different families from the area. This work has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia. Iberian pieces, such as weapons, agricultural implements and cinerary urns with their corresponding funerary furnishings, are worthy of note. From Roman times, we find gravestones, ceramics and a collection of fibulas.In the ethnological area, the customs and way of life in the municipality are exhibited through antique objects donated by Utiel residents. These objects include teaching materials, everyday objects, agricultural and craft materials, as well as traditional garments.