The building and the Halls

Patios del Centre Cultural La Beneficencia
Patios del Centre Cultural La Beneficencia

Since 1982, the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia has occupied part of the old Casa de la Beneficència, a building constructed in 1841, whose most outstanding feature is the church, decorated in the Byzantine style in 1881.


In 1995 the complete restoration of the building was initiated, with the architect Rafael Rivera in charge of the project; it was transformed into a cultural centre. La Beneficència, current headquarters of the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia, consists of a ground floor and two floors arranged around five courtyards. The shop, cafeteria, temporary exhibition halls and educational workshops are located on the ground floor. The Alfons el Magnànim Hall, where the museum's official ceremonies take place, is also located on the ground floor.


The permanent exhibition of the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia occupies the western part of the building. Two of the three sections of the exhibition are displayed on the first floor: The Town Experienced and Huerta & Marshlands. The third section of the museum's permanent exhibition, Drylands and Mountains, is located on the second floor. The museum's library is also located on this floor and occupies the central part of the building.


Centro Cultural La Beneficencia (audiovisual) 

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