Bernat Capó award for the dissemination of popular culture 2020

Guide for the presentation of the works
1. Crowd the application of inscription at the electronic headquarters of the web of the deputation:
- At the electronic headquarters/catalogue of formalities/culture and leisure/application press.
- Attach a PDF of the work that presents .
2. Print the application of inscription that have transacted.
3. Present at the general registry of the deputation:
- The application of inscription.
- One on shut at what will signify  the title of the work and the pseudonym of the author, with the following documentation:
  • Data of the author: name, surnames, postal address and electronics, telephone and photocopy of the DNI, passport or any one other document of identification legally established.
  • Statement vowed of that the work is original, unpublished and that is free of any betrothal of edition.
Award call
(All day)
29 Jul
(All day)
11 Oct
Presentation of work until October 11
Bernat Capó award for the dissemination of popular culture 2020
L'ETNO, Museu Valencià d'Etnologia de la Diputación de Valencia, in order to promote research and dissemination of works linked to the study of Valencian popular culture, convenes the Bernat Capó Award, which will be governed by the following bases:
All persons who have turned 18 may participate on the day of the end of the period of submission of the works. Those who have won the prizes in the last five years will not be able to participate.
Any research work unpublished  may be eligible for this award dissemination of Valencian popular culture. 
The winner will receive a prize of 6,000 euros, subject to the current taxation, and which is understood as compensation for the copyright.
The deadline for the submission of the works will begin on 29 July and end on 11 October 2020.
  1. Crowd the application for the virtual office of the Deputation of València making feature the pseudonym of the author and the title of the work ( Link ).
  2. Attach for virtual office the work at PDF.
  3. Print this application.
  4. In the term of presentation it is necessary to route or present, at the General Registry of the Diputación of Valencia (Palace of it Batlia, street of the Serrans, no. 2, 46003 València) or at the places that determines the article 16 of the Law 39/2015 of 1 of October of the Common Administrative Procedure of the Public Administrations,  the following documentation:
  • The application printed.
  • An envelope shut with the pseudonym of the author/at and the title of the work at the outside, and that in will include so much the data of the author (Name, surnames, postal and electronic address, telephone and photocopy of the DNI or of any document of valid identification), like a statement vowed of what the work is original, unpublished, that is free of any betrothal of edition, that has not been rewarded at other contests and that it is not pending of verdict at the date that finalises the term of presentation. At the case of being rewarded at other contest will have, before I finalise the mentioned term, to communicate it by means of a brief at L'ETNO, Museu Valencià d'Etnologia.