Barranc dels Molins. Ares del Maestrat

Moli del Sòl de la Costa. Ares del Maestrat



Ares del Maestrat has a very interesting ethnological heritage, the most noteworthy of which are the Nevera dels Regatxols and the Barranc dels Molins, which houses a system of five hydraulic mills that has been declared Patrimony of Cultural Interest. La Nevera was refurbished by the town hall in 2005 and the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia was in charge of the musealisation, consisting of a set of information panels, an audio-visual recording and an environmental recreation explaining the collection and storage of snow, as well as its trade.

In the Barranc dels Molins, with the collaboration of the town hall and the Environmental Foundation, the Museum participated in the restoration of the machinery of two of the hydraulic mills. In addition, in one of them — Molí del Sòl de la Costa —, it organised the Information Centre’s exhibition on the ravine, in order to explain its natural and cultural values to visitors.

This collaboration also included the organisation of heritage open days, the exchange of objects and research. 

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